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Nature’s Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (NPTG)™

~100% Pure, Unadulterated (undiluted/unchanged)  Essential Oil

Size: 15 ml.

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon flexuosus

Location: India

Extraction Process: Steam Distilled

Part of the Plant Used: Leaves

Description: Lemongrass is among the top ten essential oils in distribution around in the world. It’s most well known and used in China and India, but its popularity in the United States is on the rise. Lemongrass is often used for muscle and joint pain–especially when caused by overexertion. It has also been used for reducing fevers, increasing milk production in nursing mothers, keeping insects away, reducing stress, decreasing headaches, calming stomach pains, helping with vertigo, increasing urination, reducing fungal infections, decreasing free radicals (high antioxidant), and boosting general health. Lemongrass is a must in any essential oil cabinet.

Cautions: Recommended to properly blend with a carrier oil prior to topical applications. Possible skin sensitivity. Avoid use if pregnant. For external use only.

GC/MS Lot#: Lemongrass-0101
GC/MS Lot#: Lemongrass-0102

Essential Oil University GC/MS Analysis

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