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What is your favorite essential oil?

By June 6, 2014Essential Oils

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  • Holly Kelly says:

    My favorite is grapefruit. 🙂

  • Paula says:

    What is the Grade of these oils? Can they be used internally or just topically?

    • aalid says:

      Yes they are ingestible, but with any pure essential oil you need to be educated on how to use them. Barefut’s oils are Nature’s Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.


    • aalid says:

      Nature’s Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. We recommend you being under the care of a Aroma Therapist or Naturopathic Doctor when taking any essential oils internally.

  • Ahhh, the blueberry and lemon cookies! They’re what brought me to your blog in the first place. And I’ve got to get me some Guinness for grown-up floats — mmmm! Happy summer eating (without cooking, whenever possible)!

  • Melissa says:

    All of them are my favorites!!!!

  • Kerry says:

    I found this on a product review site and got one of the free ones with shipping. I got the “Lime” scent. They say the olfactory sense can instantly transport you. the second I opened this it took me back to my teens, drinking lime Kool-aid. I didnt use this with an electric defusser. I have candle and water defusser. It had a really good throw. My daughter smelled it from across the room… I really really liked the lime, so I ordered another one in orange.. I cant wait to get it..

  • Kerry Melton says:

    I came here the other day and bought some lime.. I really loved that one. Instead of actual lime zest, it reminded me of Lime Kool-Aid or those Charm Pops from the 60’s…
    I came back that afternoon and bought some of the Clementine. It transported me home, to San Diego where my father had a back yard filled with fruit trees.. The Clementine smells just like when your peeling the Tangelos and oranges and they spray in your face… Its the next best thing to the blossoms blooming.. Wondering what Ill find next.

  • Twila says:

    What do you use Clementine oil for and how much do you use?

  • I tried many oils in the beginning of this EO journey, from several different companies- Many of the same oils, side by side from different companies. Barefut’s quality was equal too if not preferred to many tried!! I also found the website & customer service for Barefut to be excellent. I prefer that it is not a pyramid selling system- less overhead & personal feel, make Barefut my favorite company!! All the citrus oils are my favorites- smell like the fruit is right there!

  • Really like the “Oil of the Month” option!! Great way to try new products at awesome prices!! Always fun to get a surprise in the mail. Would have never tried Cassia but love it!! Smells better than Cinnamon bark. Also now a fan of the lip balms! Great products!?

  • rosalee143 says:

    The energy blend is awesome! I love all the oils I get from barefut love their packaging never had a damaged product – I’m also a fan of their vitality products ! I try to catch every flash 24 hr sale !! Always satisfied love barefut essential oils & products !

  • Joyce Pearson says:


  • Arletta says:

    I’d like some suggestions for the Chakra bracelets. I plan to order one for my teenage granddaughter.

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