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Hospital Study: Peppermint Helps Nausea, Stress, Fatigue and more

By September 8, 2023Essential Oils
barefut Peppermint Essential Oil

“Peppermint essential oil holds great promise for relieving patient distress in hospital settings. An extensive literature search, encompassing randomized clinical trials, was conducted to assess the influence of peppermint aroma on physical and mental health. Findings indicate peppermint aroma’s effectiveness in reducing nausea, vomiting and anxiety, along with improving sleep quality, in conditions such as pregnancy, post-operative recovery, and chemotherapy. Peppermint aroma also demonstrates potential in managing fatigue, stress, and mild cognitive impairment. The aroma’s influence extends to healthcare workers, enhancing alertness, memory, and accuracy, particularly in high-stress environments. The findings underscore the need to integrate peppermint aromatherapy into mainstream healthcare practices to optimize patient outcomes and enhance healthcare worker performance.”

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