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Study on Lime Essential Oil

By September 19, 2023Essential Oils
lime essential oil study

A recent study on Lime Essential Oil found it has great potential for several health benefits. The researchers stated the following:

Essential Oils and their constituents are promising as therapeutic agents as they have been demonstrated to functionally improve cardiovascular disease.

According to a review, lime and its related byproducts have been suggested to have potential therapeutic effects in colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and lymphoma.

Lime and its related byproducts have also been demonstrated to inhibit the cell cycle and cell proliferation.

Furthermore, lime has been reported to improve obesity and fatty liver disease by inducing antioxidant capacity and hypolipidemic effects

The use of natural products as therapeutics is advantageous as they are traditionally used by humans and therefore less likely to cause an adverse reaction when developed as medicines.

These results suggest that lime essential oil may be developed as a potential therapeutic or health supplement for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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