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This monthly subscription is our best value offer. You will receive a wide variety of essential oils, lotions, carrier oils, diffuser jewelry, balms and more! We have a limited number of boxes for each month, so once they are gone no other orders can be made.

April 2024
15ml Camphor
5ml Lavandin
5ml Oregano
5ml Prosperous
5ml Summer Dream
Muscle Vitality
Lavender Organic Soap

March 2024
5ml Cedarwood Himalayan
5ml Cassia
5ml Invigorating Blend
5ml Lemon
5ml Tea Tree
15ml Clementine
All Natural Lip Vitality

February 2024
15ml Coriander
5ml Lime
5ml Romance
5ml Happiness
5ml Immune Boost
Cherry Lip Vitality
2 oz Black Cumin Seed

January 2024
15ml Valentine Eternity Blend
5ml Copaiba
5ml Lavender French
5ml Laurel Leaf
Immune Boost Ready to Go Balm
1 oz Dropper Bottle

December 2023
2oz Pumpkin Seed
Tea Tree Ready To Go Balm
Lemongrass Organic Soap
15ml Christmas Tree
5ml Winter Wonderland
5ml Petitgrain
5ml Dropper Bottle

November 2023
15ml Christmas Tree
5ml Stress Relief Eternity Blend
5ml Glamour
5ml Christmas Time
5ml Ravensara
Citrus Lavender Organic Soap
5ml Bottle

October 2023
5ml Alleviate Eternity Blend
5ml Autumn
5ml Nativity Blend
5ml Carrot Seed
15ml Texas Cedarwood
Peppermint Organic Soap
Chili Ice

September 2023
5ml Eucalyptus radatia
15ml Ease Eternity Blend
5ml Halloween
5ml Cilantro
5ml Sleep Eternity Blend
Breathe Aroma Vapor Cream
15ml Bottle

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