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This monthly subscription is our best value offer. You will receive a wide variety of essential oils, lotions, carrier oils, diffuser jewelry, balms and more! We have a limited number of boxes for each month, so once they are gone no other orders can be made.

September 2021 subscription box:
5ml Chamomile Roman
15ml Clary Sage
5ml Dill Weed
5ml Scotch Pine
5ml Christmas Time
Stress Relief Ready to Go Balm
Coconut Carrier Oil

August 2021 subscription box:
5ml Eucalyptus dives
5ml Celery Seed
5ml Halloween
5ml Ease Eternity Blend
15ml Sleep Eternity Blend
Peppermint Ready to Go Balm
10ml Roller Bottle

July 2021 subscription box:
Insect Away Ready to Go Balm
15ml Blood Orange
5ml Lavender French
5ml Elegance
5ml Helichrysum gymnocephalum
5ml Coffee
2 oz Dropper Bottle

June 2021 subscription box:
Tea Tree Ready to Go Balm
2 oz Frankincense Lotion
7ml Pipette – 3 pack
5ml Juniper
5ml Allspice
5ml Eucalyptus Globulus
15ml Anise Star

May 2021 subscription box:
15ml Cajeput
5ml Tension Relief Blend
5ml Carrot Seed
5ml Anti-Ox Blend
5ml Tumease
1ml Purple Roller Bottle
2 oz Muscle Vitality

April 2021 subscription box:
5ml Summer Dream
15ml Sweet Orange
5ml Sage
5ml Palo Santo
5ml Oregano
Thrive RTG
2 oz Sunflower Oil

March 2021 subscription box:
Anti-Cellulite Ready to Go Balm
2 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
5ml Amyris
5ml Tea Tree
5ml Calming Blend
15ml Lemon
15ml Wintergreen

February 2021 subscription box:
Eucalyptus Ready to Go Balm
Grape Lip Vitality
8 oz Avocado Oil
15ml Spearmint
15ml Ruby Red Grapefruit
15ml Coriander
5ml Fennel

January 2021 subscription box:
Geranium Ready to Go Balm
7ml Pipette – 3 pack
2 oz Macadamia Oil
15ml Rosemary
15ml Niaouli
5ml Peppermint
5ml Invigorating Blend

December 2020 subscription box:
Pomegranate Lip Vitality
Howlite Diffuser Necklace
4 oz Sweet Orange Lotion
Oatmeal Spice Organic Soap
15ml Tarragon
5ml Balm Mint Bush
5ml Galangal Root

November subscription box:
Peach Lip Vitality
Breathe Aroma Vapor Cream
10ml Lavender Roll-on in coconut oil
Hibiscus Mint Herbal Tea
8 oz Sunflower Oil
15ml Cassia
5ml Bergamot

October subscription box:
2 oz Almond
1 oz Rosehip
5ml Frankincense carterri
5ml Immune Boost
15ml Stress Relief
Pink Lemonade Lip Vitality

September subscription box:
2 oz Sunflower
8 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
5ml Dropper Bottle
15ml Grapefruit
15ml Christmas Time Blend
5ml Autumn Blend
Blue Raspberry Lip Vitality

August subscription box:
Adult Breathe Vitality
Tumease Ready To Go Balm
5ml Patchouli
5ml Clementine
15ml Thyme
5ml Slim Down Blend
1ml Purple Roller Bottle
Timeless Diffuser Necklace

July subscription box:
Patchouli Ready to Go Balm
2 oz Muscle Vitality
2 oz Black Cumin Seed Oil
15ml Eucalyptus Smithii
5ml Black Pepper
5ml Tarragon
5ml Laurel Leaf

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