Aroma Comp™ Essential Oil Inhaler

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Aroma Comp Essential Oil Inhaler

The Aroma Comp™ Essential Oil Inhaler allows you to take 5 essential oil aromas with you on the go. Inhalers are especially good to have in enclosed public settings such as airplanes, buses, or trains; where you need the benefits of essential oils but want to be courteous to others close by.

  • COMPanion, COMPact, COMPartmentalized

– Excellent for the work place, in public, traveling, and meetings
– Elegant look and feel
– Holds 5 oils
– 2 to 3 drops of each essential oil will last all day
– Excellent for stress relief or increasing energy
– Essential oil aroma therapy on-the-go
– No longer carry a big bag of oil bottles
– Aroma Companion is small and compact
– fits in your purse or pocket
– Can be shared hygienically
– Easily used by all ages
– 2.1” dia. X .81” H
– Rugged
– Inhalation is the best method of delivering the aroma therapeutic qualities of essential oils
– Each compartment is seal-tight
– Essential oil resistant material
Replacement Pads available here

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