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Study Finds Widespread Adulteration in Essential Oil Commercial Brands

By October 21, 2023Essential Oils
Birch Essential Oil study adulteration

A recent study analyzed the authenticity and potential adulteration of Birch Essential Oil in 27 commercial brands.

The researchers used GC/MS testing to analyze the chemical constituents contained in the oils of each brand.

They then compared the results to the biomarkers that should be present in authentic, pure birch essential oil.

“Surprisingly, none of the tested 27 commercial samples contained any of the identified birch markers.”

The results showed that all of the 27 commercial brands had been adulterated with synthetic methyl salicylate, wintergreen, or castor oil.

These results were not a surprise to us at Barefut. In our almost 13 years in this business we’ve seen fraud, manipulation, and false advertising in every corner of the market… from cheap online brands, to expensive name brands.

Sadly, the vast majority of essential oil brands are inauthentic, poor quality, or adulterated; even if their oils smell really good because of the synthetic fragrances they add to them.

If you’re buying from a random cheap company online, there is a good chance that the marketing company you are buying from has not even touched the product.

Flashy marketing companies are private labeling cheap oils from China, sending them to warehouses in the United States; and saying all the right things, whether true or not, to get you to buy from them.

At Barefut, we put a lot number on every bottle of our essential oils, all of which are bottled in our facility in the United States. Each lot number can be referenced to the GC/MS report on its respective product page on our website.

Every analysis is done by Dr. Robert Pappas of Essential Oil University, who has been acknowledged for over 20 years as the world’s leading essential oil chemist, whose past work includes consultation to both Doterra and Young Living.

Dr. Pappas certifies three major factors in the analysis he does on every essential oil that you purchase from us.

#1 that it is an authentic essential oil

#2 that it does not contain any contamination

#3 that it does not contain any adulteration

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