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Thyme Essential Oil Study Neuroinflammation

By October 24, 2023Essential Oils
Thyme Essential Oil Study Neuroinflammation

A recent study investigated the effects of Thyme Essential Oil on Neuroinflammation, which is defined as an inflammatory response within the brain or spinal cord.

Essential oils possess both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, therefore they can provide an effective treatment against infections.

Essential oils are widely used as supportive ingredients in many diseases, especially in the acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

Neuroinflammation is responsible for several diseases of the central nervous system.

Some plant-derived bioactive molecules have been shown to have a role in reducing neuroinflammation by regulating the immune cells of the central nervous system.

The study concluded that Thyme essential oils are good candidates to use in prevention of neuroinflammation and related neurodegeneration.

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