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Summer Essentials: You’re Hiking Companions

I went on a 5 mile hike yesterday and was so thankful I have all of these great tools I can quickly put in my backpack before heading out the door. Although this was a shorter hike, it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. If you are an outdoors enthusiast like me, you kinda have an idea.

Here is my list:

      • Good Boots
      • Water- Carry in the backpack and also some to leave in the vehicle cooler. Always have extra.
      • Snacks- Bars, granola, fruit, etc.
      • Whistle
      • Walking Stick
      • Matches/lighter
      • Poncho
      • Small First aid kit
      • Knife
      • Rope

    Barefut Must-Haves

        • Insect Away Spray Because you know why.
        • Lavender BalmIf I do get any bug bites, this helps to stop the itch and take the redness away.
        • Tea Tree BalmAntibacterial, for cuts or scrapes, etc.
        • Muscle Vitality BalmBecause walking on uneven terrain, up and down hills can get your muscles sore. This has saved me one too many times of throbbing muscles from long hikes. It feels good as the warmth penetrates the muscles. It is also helpful for sprains, strains and other muscular or joint aches and pains.

    The night after a long hike- Throw a handful of Rejuvenate Dead Sea Bath Salts in a warm tub and soak away the aches if there are any, or just relax.

    What are your hiking or outdoor essentials? Please share!


*Aromatherapy is a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and is not used by any form to replace medical care if necessary. Do not use essential oils internally or undiluted on the skin. Always test a small amount of the essential oil first for sensitivity or allergic reaction. The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made as to any medicinal value of this oil or any products from Barefūt. The information presented here is for educational purposes of traditional uses and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You are responsible for understanding the safe application of these products. If you have any questions, please call or email us for further information.