How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Essential Oils

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One out of three adults have it, and another one-third don’t realize it. Oftentimes, it goes undetected for years. Even those who take multiple medications for it still don’t have it under control. It’s no secret — high blood pressure is rampant in America. High blood pressure, or hypertension, has become a household term. Between balancing meds and monitoring diets though, are the true causes — and best treatments — hidden in the shadows?

In How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Essential Oil, Rebecca Park Totilo sheds light on what high blood pressure is, the causes and symptoms of high blood pressure, and which essential oils regulate blood pressure and how to use essential oils as a natural, alternative method.

Included within the pages of this book are simple blending techniques, dilution charts, and a wide variety of recipes for everyday use such as the Heart Plus Roll-On Blend and the Love My Heart Massage Oil. Get creative with the basic blend recipes and discover your new favorite “medication.” With no side effects and no prescription necessary, essential oils offer a healthy aromatic and therapeutic option for controlling your blood pressure.

In this informative book:

  • Bust the myths of “questionable” oils
  • Learn simple topical applications and inhalation methods
  • Blend by “notes” to make super-easy recipes
  • Explore numerous essential oil profiles and their common uses
  • Discover the health benefits of carrier oils

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