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Essential Oil Spotlight: Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang Flowers Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang “Flower of Flowers”

(Cananga odorata)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is distilled from the flowers of a tall tropical tree that grows in Madagascar, China, Philippines, Indonesia and reunion islands. The name Ylang Ylang means “flowers of flowers”.

Ylang Ylang is a beautifying oil. It is great for all skin types as it regulates sebum production in both mature and youthful skin. It is also known to promote growth of fuller more luxurious hair. In Hawaii, Ylang Ylang is blended with coconut oil to create a mixture called “borriborri” which is massaged over the body for its aroma and protective abilities. The women also use it to protect their hair.

Its aroma is captivating, euphoric and sensual. It beautifully relaxes the body and mind, opens or “expands” the heart to release negative emotions while promoting creativity, peace and inner trust. It soothes and reduces anxiety and anger and is considered a natural depression remedy as it incredibly calms the heart and eases the mind.

Ylang Ylang is known to be one of the best aphrodisiacs in Aromatherapy. This could be because it relaxes tension and anxieties while balancing both male and female energies.

In a study it was noted that Ylang Ylang can reduce pulse rate and blood pressure while increasing alertness and arousal. “The beneficial effects of Ylang-Ylang oil are not only exerted by inhalation of the vapor but also by absorption of the fragrance molecules through the skin.”

How to use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


Add a few drops to you diffuser to calm and uplift.

Luxurious Hair Oil

Blend the following in a 1 oz. Amber Dropper Bottle

Peaceful Massage Oil

Balancing Face treatment

Blend in a 1 oz. Amber Dropper Bottle. Apply at night before bedtime on a clean face.

How has Ylang Ylang changed your life? ?

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